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I spend over 120 days in the field a year filming my hunting adventures for television. I memorialize these memories by mounting my trophies and entrust my taxidermy to Legends. I no longer have to fret about who is going to mount my trophies from around the world and what the outcome may be. Jamie and the team at Legends coordinate the shipments of all of my trophies and customize my mounts for my trophy room. They are simply the best. ~ Gregg Ritz






Between working around the dioramas at my family's stores and viewing the display on the floor at the SCI conventions, I have seen many pieces of taxidermy. When you start comparing the details and the realism there are only a few that rise to the top. When looking for my own taxidermist, because of the high quality of their work, I chose Legends Taxidermy in Michigan. For many years now my wife Dona and I have been very happy with the finished mounts and services of Legends. ~ Chaz Cabela






I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent service over the past several years. With my travels taking me all around the world hunting big game for my TV productions, it has been very helpful to have your team take care of all the arrangements of the shipment of my trophies all without a single problem. This has allowed me to focus on the production of the show and have complete confidence that the trophies are "in good hands". 

My trophy room has become a local museum for all that know me. Several of my friends have brought their friends over to show them the trophies. I always hear the comments that they still look alive, incredible, awesome, and many other compliments. I will say that I am very proud to display in my home the taxidermy work that you and your team have done. I have told you about each hunt and you have seemed to capture certain memories that I have had on those hunts in each display. The two polar bears fighting just like the first day of the 21 days on the ice, the lion on the back legs reaching up into the tree, I will never forget how huge he looked when he stood on his back legs to reach the bait in the tree. The work is definitely museum quality. I cannot wait to see the next mount; my hunting friends are also asking when the next mount is coming.  ~ Jim Benton




Throughout my hunting travels around the world as well as spending time with my customers Cabela's, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain etc., along with visiting the homes of my pro staff I have seen ALOT of taxidermy work of all kinds, qualities, and species. I tell you now - your work is equal or greater than all I have seen in quality, creativity, artistry and realism.Working with you and your staff is wonderfully easy, you always help smooth the path of my trophies from around the world safely back home with no problems.

You are the official "Scent-Lok" taxidermist because you have earned it! Thanks for all your great work - please thank your staff too!  ~ Greg Sesselmann

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