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Legends Taxidermy combines the knowledge and the abilities of many talented wildlife artists to create a core team of taxidermists. Our artists have the ability and experience to create wildlife art for you on any animal in any habitat setting. We will work with you to design a mount that will compliment your trophy and the space you have. When your mount is engineered and designed to fill a specific area, you will find yourself more pleased with the result, rather than trying to find a place to fit your trophy after completion.


At Legends Taxidermy, we pride ourselves on our workmanship and ingenuity in creating a design that is exactly what you want and will fit right where you want it to! We personally invite you to visit our studio and see true custom taxidermy for yourself.


Many great hunters are trusting Legends Taxidermy with their most prized hunting trophies and we would be honored to work with you.



Fine Fire Arms by Krieghoff and Dakota. Contact Legends Taxidermy and Outfitting.


Wildlife Merchandise

Legends Offers a full line of semi-custom items from your African game hides.

Photo Gallery

Check out our work, If you don't see what your looking for contact us we would be happy to discuss your needs.

Legends Outfitting


Dreaming of going on a hunt of a lifetime, check out our outfitting site for locations around the globe.

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